DUST COMMANDER GCx - ESD TPU Screw connector for DUST-HESD vacuum hose

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Available in 37 sizes:

- 11 diameters compatible with our 25mm anti-static hose (HESD25)

- 26 diameters compatible with our 32mm anti-static hose (HESD32)

Refer to the tables/drawings to choose your end caps correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: reference sold individually. The price displayed corresponds to 1 connector/nozzle.

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Soft screw-on cuff for DUST-HESD antistatic hoses.
Manufactured using 3D FDM printing.
Material: electrically conductive TPU Shore 92A (< 10^6 ohms)

Areas of application:
Industrial vacuum cleaners, textile machines, woodworking machines, granulate conveyors and apparatus construction

Temperature range:
-20 ° C to + 60 ° C

Color :

PLEASE NOTE: reference sold individually. The price displayed corresponds to 1 connector/nozzle.


How do you choose the right reference/part number?

To choose your nozzle, you first need to determine the model of the hose used (HESD25 or HESD32) and then the internal or external diameter of the nozzle.

The part number of the nozzle is determined as follows:


where :

  • XX = nominal hose diameter (25 for HESD25 and 32 for HESD32)
  • YY = nozzle internal/inner diameter
  • ZZ = nozzle external/outer diameter

Example : GC32-34i40e

  • nominal diameter of hose: 32mm, i.e. HESD32
  • internal/inner diameter of the nozzle : 34mm
  • external/outer diameter of the nozzle : 40mm

To select the reference GC32-34i40e you must select from the 2 drop-down menus :

  • nominal hose diameter : 32mm (for HESD32)
  • nozzle external/outer diameter : 40mm

Note: to select a part number based on the internal diameter of the end fitting, you need to find the corresponding external diameter in the table below. Example: if you want an adaptor for a HESD25 hose with a 28mm internal diameter end fitting, you need to choose part number GC25-28i34e. The selection in the drop-down menus will then be as follows:

  • nominal diameter of hose: 25mm (i.e. HESD25)
  • nozzle outer diameter : 34mm

Here is the table of all the references:

Manufacturing material Polyuréthane (PU) électroconducteur (inf. 10000 ohms)
Color black