Cyclone filters, HOW IT WORKS

The system

Operating principle

DUST COMMANDER filters are cyclonic separators which may be used in combination with a vacuum cleaner in the home or in industry. 

When installed upstream of your vacuum cleaner, the cyclonic filter separates wet and dry dust particles.

A mixture of air and dust passes through the filter via the tangential inlet.

The shape of the filter is designed to generate a vortex which makes it possible to evacuate particles heavier than air through the lower discharge port through gravity and so allow air to pass through the upper outlet.

System highlights

  • Contains no moving parts or consumables requiring regular replacement
  • Once installed on a sealed container, 99% of the vacuumed particles will be removed before reaching your vacuum cleaner's filter
  • Limits the clogging of your vacuum cleaner's filters and increases it's service life
  • Ideal for working with wood, plastics and aluminium, and for use in interior renovation, industrial cleaning, etc.

the key



Cost savings

Save money on buying new filters for your shop vac. A DUST COMMANDER filter typically pays for itself in a few months.


High efficiency

99% of all vacuumed particles are separated from the air flow and collected in the bottom container.


Constant vaccum force

Your vacuum cleaner's paper or cartridge filter stays clean longer ensuring a strong and constant vacuum flow.


Ready to use pre-assembled cyclone kits


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